“’The president made clear to the leaders that he is not going to negotiate over the need for Congress to act to reopen the government or to raise the debt limit,’ the White House said….” 

Colorado Democrats used the “no negotiations”  technique in this year’s legislative session.

  • No negotiating with Republicans on gun legislation; just ram it though without previous norms of public testimony.
  • No negotiating with Republican legislators on massive, poorly written election law changes.
  • No negotiating with Republicans on insane raises in rural electricity costs.

While former Senators Morse and Giron won’t tell you this, Democrats’ unwillingness to listen to other parts of the political spectrum cost both their seats … despite their huge out-of-state campaign cash advantages in their recall elections. (It is, by the way, the promise of liberal millionaire and special-interest cash that makes Democrats deaf to the voices of ordinary citizens.)

Nationally, the same “no negotiations” ploy used by Nancy Pelosi’s gang is what produced Obamacare … that most Americans don’t want and the Obama administration seems unable to adequately deliver. The Democrats, as a result, lost their House of Representatives majority in the most massive loss by any party in decades.

While Americans don’t want a shutdown, they generally agree that both parties in Congress are acting like “spoiled children.” [CNN/ORC

No pollster has yet asked a “who’s the schoolyard bully?” question yet, but I’d wager Democrats have earned that moniker. They think they can get away with bullying tactics purely because of their campaign cash club.

That, too, worked so well for them in Colorado’s recalls.