Colorado’s state government has been on a spending binge ever since Democrats took the governor’s seat. While other states cut back on state salary spending in the recession, Colorado kept jacking up both the number of state government employees and their total salary costs. 

USA Colorado
2006 4,565,908 69,077
2012 4,523,704 79,616
Jobs Change -42,204 10,539
% Change -1% 15%

Colorado state government salary costs grew 31%. (Did your paycheck grow like that?)

If Colorado had reined in state government employees’ salary costs, cumulatively over these years, to merely match all states’ salary frugality, the state would have spent $1.425 Billion less.

And the first quarter of 2013 shows that Colorado state government’s salary spending grew 16% over first quarter 2012 … while all state governments’ salary spending grew less than half a percent over the same period.

It’s time to purge our state government of these binge spenders … NOT REWARD THEM by voting for $1 Billion in higher taxes.

 Data are BLS, QCEW; my calculations.