State Senator Greg Brophy is leading our inaugural Facebook survey for the Republican primary for governor. Former Congressman Tom Tancredo is currently second.

Last night we asked our Colorado readers on Facebook who they would vote for if the Republican primary were held today. No campaign was given prior notice about the poll. We listed the options alphabetically and only included declared candidates, or in George Brauchler’s case, a candidate that we hear from insiders could still get into the race.

To be clear this “poll” is not scientific by any measure. It’s merely an informal measure of grassroots support for the potential nominees and an interesting look at the campaigns’ ability to organize online. 

As of 11 am today (poll closes at 9pm tonight), we had received a fairly large response. The current totals for the candidates are as follows:

  1. State Senator Greg Brophy = 96 votes
  2. Former Congressman Tom Tancredo = 59 votes
  3. Secretary of State Scott Gessler = 21 votes
  4. Former Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp = 8 votes
  5. District Attorney George Brauchler = 6 votes

We’ll have the full results tomorrow morning. If you’re a supporter of one of these candidates, go here and add your voice.