Obamacare exchanges opened on October 1 and two weeks later news is trickling out about what a disaster the program’s roll out has been. It’s not only technical troubles plaguing the program, but a seemingly outright disinterest in signing up for it.

It looks like Montana Democratic U.S. Senator Max Baucus was right when he warned of the “trainwreck” Obamacare implementation would be.

Over the weekend, the Associated Press reported some startling news about the program here in Colorado:

In Oregon and Colorado, the official number of completed applications is zero.

Then news broke this morning that the number is actually slightly higher than zero, but not by much.

That’s after over $21 million was spent in taxpayer funds to promote the program in Colorado over the last couple of months. That’s so bad you would think Dan Maes was running the program. (Pop Quiz: how much mileage would $21 million buy Dan?)

The latest Quinnipiac poll of Colorado in September found voters disapproved of Obamacare by a 52%-33% margin. We suspect this latest news won’t make things any better for supporters of the law.

UPDATE: Kristen Wyatt of the Associated Press – who broke the story about the $21 million spent on marketing in Colorado – quotes Congressman Cory Gardner on the disaster that the Obamacare roll out has been:

A Republican critic of the new health care law, U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner of Yuma, said Colorado numbers are an embarrassment given how much the state spent marketing and explaining Connect For Health Colorado. Gardner cited ads at Denver Broncos games and TV campaigns. 

“Look, if you spent $21 million on a bake sale and sold 10 dozen muffins, that would be a complete disaster,” Gardner said.