While we reported earlier this week on the candidates’ fundraising numbers, there was one Republican candidate who just blew his competition out of the water – Colorado State Treasurer Walker Stapleton.  In the period ending September 30, Stapleton raised $344,274.  His two Democratic opponents, former U.S. Rep. Betsy Markey raised just $99,989 and Broomfield Mayor Pat Quinn raised just $33,300.  That means that not only did Stapleton raise more than his opponents combined, but he raised nearly three times as much as they did combined.

A telling figure, however, is the candidates’ cash on hand.  While Stapleton still has over $300,000 on hand, Quinn has just $7,135 out of $33,300 raised this period.

Of course, this isn’t surprising as Markey is known to have trouble evaluating finances.  She famously called Obamacare “the biggest debt reduction bill to come before Congress in more than a decade.”

So, what Coloradans have got here before us is one candidate who can judiciously use cash and another who seems to have have difficulty evaluating budgets.  So, which is the best candidate for Colorado State Treasurer?  You do the math.