10/23 UPDATE: JeffCo Clerk and Recorder Pam Anderson says it appears the two ballots were for two separate elections.

Liberals and the media often are quick to dismiss the possibility of voter fraud, but Colorado’s new all-mail ballot system shows that there are gaps in the system.  Over the weekend, Republican state House candidate Jon Keyser shared on Faceboook a photo of two ballots that he, personally, received for the 2013 election.  See photo.

The lack of ballot security in Colorado elections stems from a bill passed last legislative session, HB13-1303. The bill required that mail ballots be sent to all registered voters, regardless of whether they are active.

This comes on the heels of a report that there were loose ballots abound at an apartment complex.  Last week, the Denver Post reported that 7,000 received the wrong mail ballots.  These are just the instances that are being reported.  Who knows what other violations are out there?