After Barack Obama’s top Colorado political hand took the reigns of the union campaign in Douglas County, this week we learn who was picking up the tab – national unions.

A reader writes in to note a recent IRS filing by the national Douglas County teachers union shows that the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) – a huge supporter of Obama’s re-election campaign and opponent of education reform – is playing big and trying to buy the race.

Half of the donations that AFT’s 527 committee has made this year have been to a pro-union non-profit organization in Douglas County.

And it’s not only Obama’s union pals in DC who’ve come to play in Douglas County, but the largest teachers union in Colorado who doesn’t even represent teachers in Douglas County.

The Douglas County GOP tweeted the below picture last night of the Colorado Education Association’s last ditch effort to push the union slate over the finish line.

For smart observers of Colorado politics, does this sound like a winning message in the Republican Promised Land of Douglas County?

“I am writing you in solidarity with our union brothers and sisters of the Douglas County Federation of Teachers.”

Yea, we didn’t think so either. But that won’t stop Obama’s political advisors and a whole heap of national union money from trying to buy this race.