A new ad campaign by Americans for Prosperity Colorado is taking to the airwaves to thank Congressman Mike Coffman for his fight against Obamacare. The spots launch amid a problem-plagued couple of weeks for Obamacare exchange websites, both nationally and in Colorado.

As reported by The Denver Post‘s Michael Booth yesterday (Peak emphasis):

Consumers, insurance brokers and navigators trained to ease health reforms are venting deep frustration with glitches in the Colorado exchange and Medicaid signups, reflecting national doubts over the new system…

Insurance broker Joe Roth is still awaiting certification from the state for the ability to walk his clients through the insurance offerings on the exchange. His clients are getting letters from their existing insurance companies saying their policies will be canceled and they need new coverage under Obamacare rules, but he can’t log into exchange computers or otherwise help them.

“They say, ‘Try in another 15 minutes.’ Well, I’ve been trying for 20 days,” Roth said. The incompetence “frightens people.”

A USA Today poll of Colorado in September found Obamacare was in deep trouble in the state, with 52% opposing the law to only 33% who supported it. Perhaps most shockingly only 3% (!) said Obamacare “has had a positive effect on them or their families.” That’s less than the poll’s margin of error of +/-4%.

Check out AFP’s ad thanking Congressman Coffman for fighting the much-loathed legislation here:

Sources tell us that AFP is spending about a half million dollars over the next couple of weeks. If it wasn’t clear already, the 6th Congressional District is going to be one hell of an expensive race. 

No wonder Politico has called itpotentially the nation’s toughest House battle of 2014.”