The money that unions spend on Democratic elections is amazing, but the cost of unions to public schools in this state is truly obscene.  Douglas County School District has put badly-behaving union thugs in time-out to the benefit of its students, and it’s now receiving praise from Democratic former state Senate President Peter Groff, who now runs MCG2 Consulting out of Virginia.  His recent report, titled “The Impact of a World-Class Education”, highlighted the positive strides in school reform that Douglas County has taken.  His report noted:

“All children can learn and excel if the given the opportunity to choose the academic environment that works best for their learning
styles. DCSD is creating those opportunities by adapting the choices available to parents and students and by utilizing new
procedures to meet their educational needs and ready them for the future and for today.”

Unfortunately, the teachers unions in Douglas County are spending oodles of money to elect pro-union candidates disguised as nonpartisans.  Groff’s report shows the importance of maintaining a pro-reform school board in Douglas County. In addition to the positive learning environment the pro-reform candidates have fostered, Douglas County Schools have won accolades nationally for their commitment to reform.

In an interview with Ed News Colorado, Groff explained that Douglas County is “far enough along in its choice program that schools can truly attend to individual student needs and ‘Denver is close to being able to be in that position'”.  Of course, the question is – if Denver is doing well with school reform, then why does Amendment 66 take funds from suburban districts and dump them into Denver?  Just another reason to vote no on Amendment 66.

And, Douglas County residents, who appreciate the quality schools that their kids attend and the positive impact school quality has on housing prices, should be mindful to select pro-reform candidates in this election.