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That the Obamacare roll out has been a disaster is not news. Rather, it’s not new, as it’s been splashed across front pages and led national network newscasts for weeks now.

But insult was added to injury yesterday, when Obamacare exchange board members slammed the program’s shoddy implementation in Colorado in no uncertain terms.

Reports Health Policy Solutions:

Colorado has no quick fix for a seemingly endless Medicaid application that health exchange board members believe is driving away customers and decreasing the number of people buying health insurance through Colorado’s new multi-million dollar health exchange.

Finger-pointing between state and exchange managers escalated on Monday as exchange board members said Colorado should have been better prepared and that the state’s lagging system is an embarrassment.

“It’s painful. It’s odious. It’s embarrassing to have to go through all these questions that are not necessary if they’re going to get kicked out anyway,” said Nathan Wilkes, an IT expert and board member for the state’s health exchange, Connect for Health Colorado.

Ouch, dude, that’s got to sting. We might have used slightly saltier terms to describe the program, but “odious” and “embarrassing” sounds about right.

Not only is the program an abject disaster, but it’s going to cost taxpayers considerably more to fix the mistakes:

Now, state and exchange officials are not saying how much more Colorado will have to spend to build a streamlined system that will be much more friendly to consumers. So far, Colorado has spent nearly $200 million building its own exchange.

The botched beginnings of Obamacare in Colorado rightfully have board members up in arms, from IT experts to medical practitioners:

Board members were furious Monday at the seemingly slow-motion response to problems with Colorado’s exchange.

Dr. Mike Fallon said Colorado needs an immediate solution or customers won’t be able to buy health insurance by Jan. 1.

“I’m concerned as to what’s happening today,” Fallon said. “If I had to sit down and put in (information) for my four kids for a program that I know I don’t qualify for, I’d be done. This isn’t Travelocity. This isn’t anything close. I think I’m getting a better picture of why our enrollment is challenged,” Fallon said.

With problems as big and broad as Obamacare is experiencing, we don’t think bros in jorts will be enough to save this trainwreck.