We’ll admit that we probably don’t see eye to eye on many issues with former Colorado Democratic Party Chair, now pollster Floyd Ciruli, but his analysis of trends to watch for on his “The Buzz” blog is spot on.

Above is the gist, but visit his blog for more in-depth analysis, which may surprise some readers.  While Ciruli claims to have moderated some in recent years, here are a few quotes and admissions that we would not have expected to find from someone formerly in Democratic Party leadership:

  • “Amendment 66…election funding was dominated by out-of-state interest groups and billionaires on the left.”
  • “Democrats have been playing defense since their hyper-liberal legislative session ended in May.”
  • “[Fracking vs. renewables] will be another issue that bedevils the Governor and the legislature next year. It could also be a 2014 statewide ballot issue.”
  • “Is Colorado more comfortable with sin taxes or income taxes? Bet on sin.”