Is Obamacare enabling private healthcare insurance or just a massive expansion of Medicaid? Republican strategist Karl Rove shows its the latter.  Rove appeared yesterday on Fox News to discuss warnings that Obamacare signups would be woefully low.

He cautioned that those evaluating the numbers should look at the difference in numbers between those who are enrolled in Medicaid vs. those who are enrolled in Obamacare.  The former put no money into the pot and the latter do. As an example, he highlighted that 34,000 of Colorado’s enrollees have been filtered to Medicaid and just 3,400 have enrolled in Obamacare.

Nationally, Team Obamacare predicted that there would be seven million in Medicaid and 11 million in the exchanges, according to Rove.  If that’s the case, their ratio is a little off.  Did Colorado budget for all of these new Medicaid enrollees?  Just asking….