You know that guy at work who kind of sucks, yet he keeps getting promoted anyway and everyone just scratches their heads in bewilderment?  That guy is the Obama administration’s new head of the Bureau of Land Management Neil Kornze.  Kornze has been acting as the principal deputy director of the BLM.  Under his watch, an auction was held for the solar industry to bid on developing federal lands in Colorado to set up solar energy zones.  And, not a single company bid.  None.  Not one.  Read more about this epic failure here.

Here was E&E News’ take:

The auction results startled top officials with the Bureau of Land Management, who conceded the agency may now have to go back and review its plans to get developers to commit to projects inside the two solar energy zones (SEZs) up for bid at today’s auction in Colorado, as well as 17 other SEZs spread across six Southwestern states.” (Peak emphasis)

According to The Blaze, Kornze, acting as the BLM’s principal deputy director, issued this statement ahead of the failed auction:

“These Solar Energy Zones are part of our effort to make sure that we’re developing clean energy in the right places and in the right ways.  Thursday’s competitive auction is an important milestone as we seek to accelerate the development of clean energy on our public lands that hold enormous potential for the solar power and for generating jobs and revenue for local communities.”

So, important milestone not achieved.  Check.  Total misread of situation (see: definition of competitive auction).  Check.  Laughingstock in press.  Check.  You know what this guy needs?  A Promotion.  And, people wonder why we make fun of bureaucrats.  Yes.  This.

Also, in case you’re wondering how to succeed via failing, The Atlantic offers a great guide.  You’re welcome.