No, we’re not talking taxes again here.  We’re talking about the new dirty dozen identified by the Wall Street Journal as Democrats running in 2014 who also cast the decisive vote for Obamacare.  Included in this reviled list is Colorado’s Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Udall.  The others on this list are noted in the picture.

While the article noted that Udall, along with several of those on this list, is asking for an extension to Obamacare’s March 15, 2014 deadline, it also points out the pitfalls of the so-called Shaheen plan to which Udall has subscribed:

“But her idea would merely draw out the technical agony, and the exchange premiums are based on assumptions of a full year of coverage. Premiums may not cover claims if people delay or forgo signing up in 2014, and then rates will spike the next year. All of this would also give the exchanges a stigma as untrustworthy, more so than even Health and Human Services incompetence. The Shaheen plan also won’t un-terminate insurance or help the people who face a gap in coverage through no fault of their own.”

In fact, not only does the Wall Street Journal highlight the fallacies of The Shaheen Plan, the editorial board sharply points out that the plan is rife with shenanigans:

“The Shaheen and Landrieu proposals are merely ploys for these Democrats to distance themselves from ObamaCare while still embracing it. But they can’t have it both ways.”

We’d suggest that you attend an event hosted by Sen. Udall to ask him about his calamitous vote, but it appears as though he’s been in hiding with his last public event taking place in mid-July.  At least, that’s what his website says.  Then again, if we had screwed over a quarter million of our constituents, we might hide too.