The Denver Post last night confirmed scooped that the Colorado GOP is preparing to bid for the 2016 Republican National Convention. In the article, Colorado GOP Chairman Ryan Call promised a more sensible approach to the convention than that of the Democratic Party in 2008 when giant Greek columns were erected in an ultimate display of hubris.

“A Republican convention in Denver will not feature Greek columns at Mile High stadium,” Call said, referring to the stage built in 2008 for President Barack Obama’s acceptance speech. “But will showcase the issues important to the west and to America.”

The Post noted that the Republican National Committee will likely release additional details on the bidding process within a week or so to interested cities. Other cities thought to be vying for the opportunity include Las Vegas and Kansas City.

We wish them luck. Scratch that, who are we kidding? Screw Nevada and Kansas. Colorado has constantly been the center of the entire political universe from guns to ganja. And we got better beer. Where better to host?