There has been a sudden uptick in chatter from Peak Nation™ about irregularities in the recount over the fracking ban in Broomfield.

The Broomfield ban, as we wrote before the election, was the one proposed ban on hydraulic fracturing that was worth watching because that ban occurred in something akin to a swing community as opposed to a liberal stronghold. (Broomfield actually isn’t a true swing community — Barack Obama carried it twice, and Mark Udall and Michael Bennet both carried it handily — but it is certainly more so than the liberal bastions of Boulder and Ft. Collins)

Forced to compete in a left of center community, the frack banners are actually losing, albeit by a small margin — 13 votes 

Heading into a recount, though, strange things are happening in Broomfield. We haven’t had time to run down all the paranormal voting activities, but these two stand out.

Cliff Willmeng

One trusted source reported that a well-known fracktivist, Cliff Willmeng tried to escort an elderly woman in to get a ballot to vote just yesterday.

Cliff, was that you trying to commit voter fraud, or were you just being a good neighbor and helping your grandma vote? Our source tells us Mr. Willmeng was denied.

Today things are getting even weirder, with reports of magically appearing ballots and an email from one trusted source reporting that the Clerk and Recorder is actively considering counting a FedEx package full of votes mailed from Boulder and received after the election date.

Packages from Boulder with votes on a Broomfield election question?

Counting ballots received after the election?

Cliff Willmeng trying to get Granny Frackellberry a new ballot?

If someone sees Cliff, the Elections Chief in Broomfield, or the District Attorney for that matter, would you mind asking them what in the world is going on?

On the question of whether or not to count ballots not received by Election Day, we would refer Broomfield vote counters to our two favorite liberal blogs for legal clarification: