Sen. Udall, why do you make us write these posts every three months?  We’re tired of it, you’re tired of it, why must we do this again?  Did Democratic spokeswoman Denver Post reporter Allison Sherry put you up to this?  Once again, after finding himself in hot water on a critical issue (ahem, Obamacare), Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Udall goes back to his favorite hypocrisy topic – the National Security Administration’s wire tapping program.  Sigh.  This time, he’s written an op-ed in the New York Times – he even cites Benjamin Franklin.  Here is an excerpt from his New York Times piece, co-written with Sens. Wyden and Heinrich:

“[The surveillance reform bill recently proposed in the U.S. Senate] is not the true reform that poll after poll has shown the American people want. It is preserving business as usual. When the Bill of Rights was adopted, it established that Americans’ papers and effects should be seized only when there was specific evidence of suspicious activity. It did not permit government agencies to issue general warrants as long as records seized were reviewed with the permission of senior officials.”

Look, we recognize that Udall voted against the FISA Amendments Reauthorization in 2012, but his record on surveillance issues?  Not So Awesome.  We’ll drag this down from the attic, again, in case Colorado has forgotten exactly where Sen. Udall stands on privacy issues:

“Here is the truth about Udall’s record on privacy issues.  The gist?  In 2011, Udall voted for roving wiretaps, business record access (aka the “215″ orders)  and “lone wolf” wiretapping as part of H.R. 514. Then, he published a rant about how awful the provisions were.  Even worse, Section 215 orders are precisely what the NSA used to gather data from law-abiding citizens’ cell phones, according to the Washington Post.

Before Udall apologists start defending the Senator, let’s be clear.  Section 215 wasn’t buried in some obscure or lengthy piece of legislation.  The legislation dealt primarily with just these three issues – roving wiretaps, Section 215 orders, and ‘lone wolf’ wiretapping.”

You’re welcome, PeakNation™.  Sen. Udall – until next quarter?