If you ventured out to Walmart on Black Friday, you may have seen protests.  What you may not have known is that many of these protesters were paid by the very union who would most benefit from unionizing Walmart.

Revealing Politics sent a camera crew to Walmart on Black Friday to the protest in which one guy yelled “Local 7” and another said that he wouldn’t be participating in the protest unless he was paid (duh?).

We did some searching a discovered that “Local 7” likely referred to the Local 7 of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Colorado’s largest union.  In case you were curious, UFCW has given over $4 million to political causes in Colorado alone over the past 20 years, according to TRACER.

The UFCW has tried lobbing accusations at Walmart for years, maybe decades, to pressure Walmart to unionize.  Why does the UFCW care?  According to USAToday, Walmart is the country’s largest employer.  Union membership is at an all-time low.  So, are unions protesting Walmart or the fact that they’ve been locked out of unionizing the largest workforce in the country?  Exactly.

See the Revealing Politics video below: