On a slow news day before Thanksgiving, a federal judge in Colorado ruled that the sheriffs who brought the lawsuit against the unpopular gun control measures jammed through the state legislature by the Democrat majority earlier this year had no standing to proceed with their case.  U.S. District Judge Marcia Krieger’s decision stated that the sheriffs could not sue the state in their official capacity, but could join the lawsuit as individual citizens. U.S. District Court Judge Marcia Krieger told the Associated Press:

“If individual sheriffs wish to protect individual rights or interests they may do so, however, the sheriffs have confused their individual rights and interests with those of the county sheriff’s office.”

Townhall.com‘s Michael Schaus pointed out the unique position that sheriffs are in:

“The sheriffs were not suing over fear that the laws would infringe on their “individual” rights. They were suing because of their fear that the law would infringe on the individual rights of the citizens they swore to protect and defend. In fact, they seem the perfect lobby for citizen rights: Not only are they charged with implementing law, but they are held accountable by the individuals they serve.”

While this ruling could be seen as a rare victory for gun control advocates, most observers would look at it as they would a 2-13 football team winning their final game of the season.  The lawsuit will continue, but the far left extremists are down three state senators since the laws passed (the Peak‘s evidence, exhibit #1: recalls), and a quiet majority of sensible independent voters have started noticing of how far to the left the Democrats have led this state (the Peak‘s evidence, exhibit #2:  Amendment 66 results).

Our own president recently set the precedent of selectively enforcing elements of the law that he finds useful, and ignoring those that impede his agenda.  Something tells us these sheriffs are not going to be too keen on arresting people for holding a friend’s firearm during a deployment or giving a firearm to a friend as a gift without a background check.