Politicians in Castle Rock, Colo. may be shooting themselves in the foot this week by attempting to further restrict the Second Amendment rights of their constituents.  In an act demonstrating an acute case of tone-deafness to the state’s current political environment, the Castle Rock Town Council is scheduled to evaluate a broad ban on open carry this Tuesday.

The necessity of such a ban is puzzling because, according to the mayor, in 11 years, he has never seen a single person open carry in the town other than himself.  As the council members embark upon this solution looking for a problem, they deserve every drop of constituent push back headed their way.

The proposed ban will cover “municipally-owned, operated or leased: offices, buildings, parks, trails and open space areas, and other recreation facilities and areas, including but not limited to, swimming pools and golf courses.”

Notice the open-ended definition of “other recreation facilities and areas” being “not limited to…”  People jog and push strollers along city owned sidewalks – could the enforcers decide that sidewalks, which are government-owned, are one of the “areas” included in the ban, essentially outlawing open carry in the entire town?  Of course later in the proposal there is a carve out that allows agents of the government to exercise open carry on municipal property.

After the recall of two sitting state senators, and the resignation of a third, partially because of their anti-Second Amendment votes and wholly because of their refusal to listen to constituents, we are astonished that the elected leaders of Castle Rock would want to go anywhere near these issues – especially considering that people generally do not open carry in the town.  But if they want to open this Pandora’s Box on Tuesday, we will stand beside the freedom-loving citizens of Castle Rock.

Interested parties may attend the meeting scheduled for 6:00 PM on Tuesday 12/3 at the Castle Rock Town Hall, 100 North Wilcox.  According to the published agenda, the open carry ban will be discussed from 6:20 – 7:20 PM, with the opportunity for citizen input in four minute speaking segments.  The meeting can also be viewed online here.