The Denver Post today reported that the Patty Fontneau, CEO of Colorado Connect for Health (that’s the Obamacare exchange), wants a year-end bonus and raise.

WHAT?!?  That would be like the CEO of Blackberry asking for raise after he’s driven his company’s share of the smartphone market to 1% as reported last month.

Fontneau currently earns over $190,000 per year after receiving a $5,000 raise in 2012.  She’s eligible for a raise, but she should be embarrassed to ask for one after the past two months of abysmal enrollments.  At least one board member agrees, according to The Post:

“Given the poor performance for the first two months of enrollments, I think it’s incredibly audacious for the executive director to request a salary increase,” Connect for Health Colorado board member Ellen Daehnick said in an interview. “I think most people would feel like if you’re a CEO and you’re significantly underperforming the goals you helped set, then you layer on it that the money comes from public funds, and I think it’s highly inappropriate.”

In case, PeakNation™, you’ve forgotten – enrollment in Colorado’s exchange is even below the worst case scenario, placing the exchange in financial peril.

We’d like to underperform and get raises, too.  Unfortunately, when you underperform in the “real world”, you might get fired, but you certainly don’t get a raise.  Can someone get this woman a reality check?