Obamacare is so loathed in Colorado, even liberal pollster Public Policy Polling (PPP) can’t polish that turd. In a poll released today, continued and widespread dissatisfaction was found with President Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment.

When asked about the implementation of Obamacare, 70% of voters thought it was somewhat or very unsuccessful. As for the 4% who said it was “very successful” – we’d sure love to get our hands on whatever they’re smoking.

Where PPP’s numbers differ is on Obamacare approval itself. According to PPP’s survey, Obamacare has a 49% disapproval rating to 41% approval. Like everyone else polling the state they find the law is highly unpopular, but perhaps unsurprisingly they show it loathed less than every other recent poll.

Maybe that’s why they decided to actually release their poll this time — after all PPP has a history of hiding polling results in Colorado it doesn’t like.

In September, prior to the disastrous roll out of the law, USA Today found that Coloradans disapproved of Obamacare 52%-33%.

In late November, Quinnipiac found that Coloradans disapproved 56%-40%, with independents disapproving 59%-35%.

No matter how much you spin it, the bill that has come to define Barack Obama’s legacy and the future political careers of Democrats in 2014 has become a serious political liability.