We can’t imagine why this doesn’t appeal to everyone.

It’s been well-reported that the Obamacare and Connect for Health Colorado Exchange launches have been busts.  But, it’s a little surprising how quickly their supporters are abandoning ship.  All this week, it’s been reported by outlets far and wide that Obama’s youth have taken a dim view of Obamacare – and, really, it’s not surprising.  They’re not dumb – as young healthy folks, they’re footing most of the bill for everyone else.  (BTW, thanks!)

According to FoxNews.com:

The Harvard “Millennials” poll found only 22 percent of young Americans — defined in the survey as between 18 and 29 years old — plan to sign up for ObamaCare. Even more troubling for the administration, fewer than a third — only 29 percent — of people who currently do not have health insurance plan to enroll.”

Unbelievably, they’re still not willing to sign up, even after allegedly relevant ads put out by ProgressNow.

And, now, it looks like women are walking out on President Obama’s utopian healthcare debacle.  According to the National Journal:

“Polling provided to National Journal by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that white women have soured considerably on the law, especially in the month since its botched rollout. The skepticism runs especially deep among blue-collar women, sometimes known as ‘waitress moms,’ whose deeply pessimistic attitudes toward the Affordable Care Act should riddle Democratic candidates with anxiety.”

The Kaiser poll found a ten-point swing among college-educated white women and a nine-point swing among blue collar white women.  That’s just in the last month, folks.

Last month, we reported that Congressional Democrats were in trouble for the 2014 election.  The latest horrific polling among some of Obama’s strongest supporters suggest that Democrats in all races could be in trouble in 2014.