On Friday, Colorado Oil and Gas Association President and CEO Tisha Schuller challenged Democratic U.S. Rep. Jared Polis to put up or shut up on fracking.  Her letter (below) asks Polis to participate in a series of debates across Colorado.  But, COGA is still waiting for a response from Polis, the state’s biggest fracking hypocrite.

An excerpt from Schuller’s letter:

“…I would like to invite you to participate in a series of public debates regarding Colorado’s energy future.  Our shared home of Boulder County is the obvious choice for the first of these debates – I know our neighbors would appreciate a public and civil discourse on this contentious issue.  The recent lawsuits have only highlighted this fact.”

Polis and fracking have a love-hate relationship.  Polis has profited from investments in the oil and gas industry and its fracking operations, but last summer, Polis went all Downton  Abbey drama when a neighbor started drilling on their own property:

“Last week Congressman Jared Polis sued his neighbor to stop them from drilling on their own property, because it ’caused a loss of enjoyment’ on his million dollar vacation home in Weld County. The suit has since been withdrawn to give Polis and his lawyers more time to gather evidence.

In the meantime it’s worth exploring the evidence that Polis is a hypocrite of the highest order — suing to stop his neighbor from profiting from the very same industry in which Polis profits with personal investments.”

Then, rumor had it that he begged forgiveness from the oil and gas industry.  Then, in August, he told a Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry panel that his constituents didn’t want energy jobs, which was likely news to the unemployed in his district.

Regardless of which Polis shows up to the debates – the one that profits off of fracking or the one representing wacko enviros – we can’t wait to see Schuller verbally frack Polis up.  So, Rep. Polis, when is the first debate?  We’re waiting….