Tonight, 66 delegates voted to replace the most disrespectful politician in Colorado far left extremist and former state Sen. Evie Hudak with Rachel Zenzinger, Hudak henchwoman and Arvada City Councilwoman.  Zenzinger beat Gagliardi with 39 votes to 27, respectively.  The choice was between Zenzinger and former state Rep. Sara Gagliardi, a SEIU union hack.  Given their special interest ties, neither candidate was a good option for Colorado’s families.

Zenzinger will replace Hudak, who resigned last month in order to avoid the recall she richly deserved.

While Gagliardi was endorsed by Rep. Tracy Kraft Tharp, who many thought would seek the nomination, Zenzinger was a favorite of Hudak herself.  She also secured the endorsement of Sen. Mary Hodge (D-Tin Foil Hats).  Liberals have tried to spin Zenzinger as a “fresh face” in the legislature as opposed to Gagliardi, who previously served as a state rep., but the truth is that Zenzinger has been a political wannabe for some time.  Zenzinger served as Hodge’s aide and Hudak’s campaign manager in 2012.  She’s also been passed over several times and it’s finally her turn.

Or is it?

As we reported, some have suggested that Hudak will be the nominee for 2014.  But, does it really matter if it’s Zenzinger or Hudak in the 2014 race?  Both are union assets – and unions are hell-bent on promoting their damaging agenda, like gutting teachers tenure reform.  In terms of policy, it’s deja vu all over again.  We can only hope for someone with a temperament as deliciously awful as Hudak.

Welcome to the state Senate, Ms. Zenzinger.  We can’t wait.

CORRECTION: We reported “70-some” delegates participated in the vacancy committee.  KDVR’s Eli Stokols reported there were 66 attendees who voted.