Surprise, surprise.  Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior and former U.S. Senator Ken Salazar has teamed up with billionaire conservationist Louis Bacon to form America’s Conservation PAC.  And, wouldn’t you know it, but Louis Bacon is BFF with another billionaire with ties to Colorado – on his way out New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Where have we run into him before?  That’s right – he’s been meddling in Colorado politics, funding by the millions out of touch, extreme organizations.  He’s also funded “beloved” candidates like former liberal state Senator Angela Giron, who was so hated by her constituents that she lost her Senate seat that had a 19-point Democratic advantage.  We can’t wait for this political action committee to get up and running.

According to today’s press release, America’s Conservation PAC is “dedicated to strengthening our nation’s long-standing, bipartisan tradition of conserving lands and cultural resources for future generations to enjoy.”  But, Salazar will be picking the candidates meant to receive the campaign funds.  If that’s going to end up “bipartisan”, we have a conservation easement bridge to sell you.

Bloomberg and Louis Bacon have worked together on several projects including several preservation projects on the East Coast.  In Colorado, it’s no coincidence that both Bloomberg and Bacon have contributed to random Democratic Senate 2012 candidate Crestina Martinez.  Further, when you Google “Michael Bloomberg” and “Louis Bacon” a whopping 78,700 results pop up.  And, their ties haven’t just been noted by us and the Google.  Press from the Bahamas where Bacon has property also noted the ties:

“Life has a way of telling us things and, with the ANTI- Bloomberg [New York Mayor-Elect Bill DeBlasio] now leading the mayoral race with a big win this week, it looks like soon and very soon Louis Bacon will have no more friends holding political power.”

Well, it looks like Bacon has found a way to insert himself back into the political scene – right back into Colorado.