Nearly a month ago, we predicted that if the Evie Hudak recall team got close to recalling Hudak and replacing her with a Republican, Hudak had a deal with Democratic Senate President Morgan Carroll to prevent a Republican takeover of the Senate.  Hudak would resign and a union asset would be inserted to lead the Senate Education Committee, instead of presumed successor and owner of Amendment 66/S.B. 13-213, Sen. Micheal Johnston.  Our source told us this asset would be liberal Sen. Andy Kerr. From last month’s post:

“But Hudak, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the teachers union, wants a say in her successor on the Senate Education Committee we hear. In exchange for her resigning, Senate President Morgan Carroll has allegedly promised to appoint another union goon to head the committee over Senator Michael Johnston (D-Denver), a leading education reform supporter. Our sources say Hudak would prefer Senator Andy Kerr.”

The day before Thanksgiving, Hudak resigned.  Lo and behold, what did we hear today?  Sen. Andy Kerr will now chair the Senate Education Committee.  We’re not exactly saying “we told you so”, but maybe we’re saying “damn, it’s fun to be right”.  Stay tuned, PeakNation™, for more prophecies.