Photo courtesy of Linhart PR web site

Some people say that independents are really liberals who don’t want to admit it.  Never was that more true in the case of DaVita CEO Kent Thiry, who recently unveiled his scheme to change Colorado’s primary system.  According to a report in The Denver Post:

”The ballot question would be: Should Colorado adopt a two-stage election system in which every registered voter can vote in each stage for any candidate on the ballot in their voting district?’ Ross said in the invite.”

Sounds amazing, you think?  Think again.  If folks were upset about how the race between now-resigned Sen. Evie Hudak and amazing candidate Lang Sias went down – some blame the libertarian spoiler – imagine how much chaos would ensue if Democrats could vote in Republicans’ elections (and vice versa).  As the Chairman of the Colorado Dems Rick Palacio told The Post, “it’s ripe for shenanigans.”  And, he would know.

PeakNation™ may recall that we profiled Thiry and his political shenanigans about a month ago.  Then, we noted that he may have an eye on political office.  Our sources tell us that the purpose of this initiative is to pave the way for his gubernatorial campaign – as an independent.  This ballot scheme is just the first step.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the whole article, however, was the spokesmonkey for this harebrained initiative – it’s none other than our favorite editor-turned-flack, Curtis Hubbard.  Curtis, did you actually enjoy the ass kicking you received with Amendment 66?  Are you back for more?  But, more importantly is the signal that hiring OnSight and Curtis sends to the political sphere.  OnSight has handled or is handling the following campaigns – U.S. Sen. Mark Udall, Gov. John Hickenlooper, Amendment 66, and Connect for Health Colorado Initiative (the health exchange), among other left-leaning organizations.

Does that sound like an independent to you?  We didn’t think so either.  Thiry is just another liberal posing as an independent.