You’ve got to hand it to Senator Udall, when he lies to Coloradans and blows through taxpayer funds, he does it while lighting a huge pile of money on fire.

Senator Tom Coburn’s just-released “2013 Wastebook puts the – still rising— costs at $1.063 Billion dollars for the set-up ($319 million) and advertising ($684 million) of the federal and state Obamacare websites.  Just under $44 million of the former has come to Colorado to set up our own website; which leaves us here at the Peak wondering: what exactly did they use the rest of the $43.5 million on?

Shamefully, this begins to look like a bargain, especially when the Colorado exchange ads were so bad they got their own shout-out in the Wastebook:

“Colorado is spending more than $20 million to promote the program hoping to enroll 136,000 patients in health exchange network by the end of March.  So far, fewer than 4,000 have been enrolled, though one of the enrollee’s turned out to be a man’s pet dog.  The state’s ad campaign compares enrolling in Obamacare to winning at a casino and features an Elvis impersonator.”

The exchange spent $20 million to get 4,000 enrolled so far?  At $5,000 per enrollee, it’d just been cheaper to use the advertising budget to buy them all health insurance.

If that wasn’t worse enough for Udall, according to the Hill the $319 million dollars is only what was actually spent through the end of October and not the “…$677 million if the agency makes good on all of its obligations.”

Wait.  End of October?  That’s not even the price to fix the damn thing?

Ever since the promise of “you like your plan, you keep your plan” was shown to be a complete and utter lie, Democrats like Udall have been trying to shuffle Obamacare out of the limelight.  We understand as we would have done the same thing if we, like Udall, were the deciding vote.