Apparently CU professor Patti Adler has been teaching a class titled Deviance in U.S. Society for quite some time, and the Boulder Daily Camera is even reporting it as “popular.

Unfortunately, the skit in Adler’s class where undergraduate teaching assistants and students role-played prostitutes, didn’t turn out to be so popular with some.  The offended students complained that the content of the course violated the school’s sexual harassment policy and on Wednesday the faculty intervened.

The Coloradoan is reporting that “during the lecture, Adler’s teaching assistants portrayed prostitutes ranging from sex slaves to escorts, and described for the class their lifestyles.”  Now, as a result of the student complaints, the CU Faculty Assembly is going to hold an “emergency meeting” today to hash out the future of this absurd class.

At debate among the professors and educrats is the issue of academic freedom.  Voicing concern is an environmental studies professor who next semester will be teaching a class that covers teaching a course in which issues of gender, sex, discrimination, race and other potentially sensitive topics appear throughout the syllabus.  And we thought environmental studies was about solar panels and wind mills.

The fact that the debate within the Faculty Assembly is not about how wildly inappropriate and utterly useless classes on the lifestyles of sex slaves are just goes to show how far gone the reasoning is in these institutions. How is such a class supposed to prepare a student to compete in the global marketplace?  What is an employer going to think when he looks at a transcript that includes “Deviance in U.S. Society?”