We know we’ve hit Sen. Udall awfully hard on the Obamacare scandal here in Colorado, where 250,000 Coloradans have lost their health insurance because of the Great Mess aka Obamacare.  It’s gratifying, though, when someone else backs up your assertions.  To that, we say “thank you, Reince!”  Today, the Republican National Committee gave Udall the “Lie of the Year” award for his big fat fabrication. According to The Denver Post:

“In a 2009 interview with Colorado Springs’ FOX 21, Udall said in regard to the president’s health care reform efforts, “If you have an insurance policy you like, doctor or medical facility that provides medical services to you, you’ll be able to keep that doctor or that insurance policy.'”

RNC Chair Reince Preibus offered the following insight on the dubious honor:

“Democrats knew it was a lie, and we will make sure Democrats running in 2014 are held accountable for their dishonesty. Voters need to know these candidates cannot be trusted to keep their promises.”

All we have to say is congratulations!  Couldn’t have happened to a more vulnerable candidate.