We literally laughed when we heard the news that recently-recalled state Sen. Angela Giron had designs on running for Secretary of State.  Kelly Maher of Compass Colorado noted:

“It’s confounding to think that after being fired from the voters of her district now Senator Giron thinks she needs a promotion.  Giron’s condescension and her failure to listen to constituents is the albatross around her neck. There’s no reason to believe that it would be any different in a higher office with even more people to represent.”

A recent report found that the reason for Giron’s recall was, well, Giron.  According to a focus group:

“People in the two focus groups — men and women, all Democrats (the party holds roughly a 15-point advantage in Senate District 3) — explained that they believed that Giron “went Denver” and lost touch with her constituents, taking orders instead from party bosses around the Capitol.”

Of course Republicans don’t want her, her constituents don’t want her, and it would appear now that not even her Party elders don’t want her, according to The Denver Post report:

“Two days before the gathering, Neguse’s campaign released a letter of endorsement from one of the state’s most influential Hispanics: attorney Ken Salazar, former Colorado attorney general, U.S. senator and cabinet secretary for President Barack Obama. Giron had worked for him as a congressional aide in his Senate office in Pueblo. Whether the timing of the release was coincidental or strategy is unknown.”

Everyone’s uneasiness with her “exploration” may stem from just how very comfortable she was throwing around baseless accusations of voter suppression to distract from the real reason she lost the recall fight – people don’t like her.  (Well, that, and her she just got her a$$ kicked in a recall election in a district that President Obama won by nearly 20 points.)  The allegations were found to be laughably false.  Make wildly false accusations about voter suppression, run for chief election official in Colorado?  Hey, why not?