Keim shown schlepping [email protected]%t for the teachers unions.

A Denver administrative law judge, Democrat Hollyce Farrell, this week threw out five of the six complaints filed by Colorado’s sorest loser, pro-union defeated Douglas County School Board candidate Julie Keim.  According to a statement from Douglas County School Board president Kevin Larsen, the judge’s ruling on the five dismissed complaints was so definitive that the school board intends to seek repayment for its legal fees. The district also plans to appeal the judge’s ruling on the lone violation, citing a misinterpretation of the law by the judge.  Keim asserted that a Douglas County School Board report about how well its policies were working, which was paid for partially by a grant and partially by the school district, violated Colorado’s Fair Campaign Practices.

According to Larsen:

“The Judge seems to have concluded that it is a violation of law anytime the district disseminates positive news involving its education policy agenda if there are also candidates for school board who support that agenda.  The district does not agree with that interpretation of law.

This Administrative Law Judge’s interpretation is that the district cannot release information about the district if a candidate is running- or may decide to run in the future – and agrees with that information.  We do not believe this is what the law states, as it would silence all public entities for months on end.  This would effectively muzzle all public bodies in the future.”

Of course the unions might be feeling a little frustrated by the outcomes of all the races throughout Colorado. They blew through a ridiculous amount of money.  By EdNews Colorado‘s account, unions gave at least $260,000 to the school board races in Douglas County.  That’s in addition to the more than four million dollars unions ponied up to fight Amendment 66 and the more than $30,000 unions gave to ineligible Adams County school board candidate Amy Speers.  And, now, unions may be on the hook for legal fees resulting from this failed attempt to smear the more-effective-without-undue-union influence Douglas County School Board.

Pssst, pssst, hey union thugs, your ability to blow amazing amount of cash on absolutely nothing may be why national (and Colorado) union membership is at its lowest levels in recorded history.  If we were teachers, we’d be furious that unions took our hard-earned dollars and flushed them down the toilet.  But, hey, who are we to judge?