Last year, Hick never met a bill he wouldn’t sign into law.

Last week, as Hickenlooper talked to reporters about the upcoming session, he ran his playbook perfectly by saying moderate words like, “”If there’s a way to improve [the statutes] some way, if you have some way that they work better or do a better job at what was their intention, then I think we should sit down and have that discussion.”  Of course, as every Coloradan now knows from him presiding over the most liberal legislative session in Colorado history, his actions will disregard whatever his mouth promises.

Apparently The Denver Post did not get Hickenlooper’s campaign memo, and instead advises him to stand firm with this liberal achievements on guns here in Colorado:

“No, governor, there’s no need to do it. There’s no need to “tweak” the gun laws passed this year. Not without compelling evidence that one or more provisions are simply unworkable — and no such evidence has been produced, as far as we’re concerned.”

No evidence but en electoral beat-down.  Then again, The Post forgets that there’s more to Colorado than Denver, Vail, and the part of I-70 that connects them; so most likely they still haven’t heard of former Senator Giron’s minus-20 point loss in a plus-20 Obama district.

If that wasn’t enough, The Post’s attempt at making Hickenlooper a moderate is literally a joke.

“On the other hand, Hickenlooper’s prescription for a less rancorous legislative session in 2014 is welcome, as is his pledge to “find something to veto.” More than one ill-considered bill always slips through a legislative session, no matter who’s in charge. The governor could help himself and the public by pulling out his veto pen every now and then.” [the Peak emphasis]

That “pledge” was literally a joke he told in response to The Post’s own reporter, Lynn Bartels, as seen by Lynn’s own tweet:

Or as seen by their own story written up on it:

“I’ll find something to veto” this year, he joked. “I guarantee it.”

Best yet is Hickenlooper’s own words on his “pledge.”  As The Associated Press’ Kristen Wyatt tweets:

We don’t know what’s funnier: The Denver Post turning his joke into a pledge or that the closest Hickenlooper gets to being a moderate is his jokes.