Echoing how PeakNation™ feels about the new election laws that Colorado Democrats rammed through last session, Christy Le Lait, former campaign manager for former Senate President John Morse’s recall campaign, had this to say about the stunt Jon Caldara pulled during the election last September:

“I think (Caldara) got away with voter fraud,” Le Lait said.

Yes, Christy, we do too.  That was the point.

Just in case you weren’t sure, Lynn Bartels of The Denver Post spells it out explicitly in her piece:

“…a stunt he [Jon Caldara] undertook in September to highlight what he believes are flaws in a new election law.”

But thanks to you and your Democrat friends, voter fraud is now legal.

If a man who purposefully perpetrated a highly publicized stunt, which was then under three months of investigation by Colorado’s attorney general office, can get away with voter fraud because of yet another horrendous law passed last year by the most progressive legislature in Colorado’s history, what chance does Colorado stand of prosecuting anyone who would purposefully abuse this system?  Or, was that the point of it, Democrats?