How bad is it for Governor Hickenlooper?  So bad that Reuter’s reporter Keith Coffman implies Colorado would have advanced a more moderate agenda last session had liberal California Governor Jerry Brown been in charge here:

“Unlike Democratic California Governor Jerry Brown, who has hewed a centrist path despite large legislative majorities, Hickenlooper has not reined in the liberal impulses of his colleagues…

…an aggressive agenda on the part of legislative Democrats who now hold majorities in both houses and who Hickenlooper seemed unwilling to confront”

Hickenlooper has to be worried: he can’t run on his record, and if the media is going to start challenging his self-decreed narrative of being a moderate leader (as they have based off of last session), he’ll be running a reelection campaign with no leg to stand on.

He’s quickly turning into that guy who is the life of the party until it comes time to go home, then as the music has stopped and the room has emptied, he faces the reality he has nowhere to go and only himself to blame, so he sits down with a thousand-mile stare and nurses a drink all alone.

Don’t worry Hick, you’ll always have us here at the Peak.