One week after weed became legal, we are starting to see the results spill into the news.  The Denver Post ran an op-ed today from a couple of dim-witted Colorado College political science professors, Thomas Cronin and Robert Loevy, who make some hilarious statements and predictions.  Perhaps some wishful thinking?

From the professors (emphasis is ours):

  • “…everyone expects Carroll to be decidedly pragmatic…” said no one, ever, until today.
  • “Hickenlooper has assiduously protected his center-of-the-road, cheerleading, ‘Chamber-of-Commerce Independent-Democrat’ brand,” said the two Colorado College profs, and also an unnamed hack who used to work for 5280 but who now works for John Hickenlooper.
  • “Democratic Sen. Mark Udall appears headed for re-election in part because of incumbency and also the lack of a prominent Republican opponent who could appeal to the crucial suburban and non-affiliated voters.”  Right, because telling people they can keep their health insurance and, then, voting for a bill that strips it, is so popular among swing voters.  Newsflash Colorado Springs egg heads: incumbency isn’t an advantage when Congress’ approval ratings are plus or minus zero.

A safer prediction would have been that liberal college professors will be less insightful than a bag of rocks in 2014.  If Morgan Carroll is “decidedly pragmatic”, then today is good Speedo weather.