As first reported by The Colorado Observer, radical fractivist Cliff Willmeng, that guy who is giving the middle finger in the picture we keep posting, is more than just a fractivist – he’s also a criminal.

“A radical environmental campaigner with an extensive arrest record dating back to the 1990’s is behind a far-reaching plan to let local governments ban hydraulic fracturing – or any other ‘corporate project’ – within their borders.

The proposal is the brainchild of Cliff Willmeng, whose lengthy criminal record includes arrests for harassment, trespassing, obstructing police and resisting arrest; and whose public statements have often echoed those of the militant, left-wing “Occupy” movement.”

Willmeng is the force behind the fracking bans throughout Colorado.  According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigations record, he was arrested in 1994 as well as in August of 2012.  The charges from those two incidents included disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstruction of police, harassment, and trespassing.  In the case of August 2012, he plead guilty to trespassing.

So, the Colorado Democratic legislature is so cowardly that they convince a convicted criminal to be the face of a ballot initiative (stood up by fractivists in PA) to outright ban fracking instead of taking the reputational hit by either banning it or over-regulating it via the legislature?  Ducking for cover on this important issue for Colorado?  It would appear they’re learning from their wise leader, liberal Governor John Hickenlooper.