It’s the opening day of the Colorado State Legislature and the Democrat spin machine is already hard at work in trying to recast the horrific 2013 legislative session that jeopardized the re-election of their prized politician liberal Governor John Hickenlooper and that decimated their polling numbers.

Here are just a few examples:

Perhaps the SEIU missed the entire 2013 legislative session and the ass kicking they received in November?

Perhaps Dems haven’t stepped outside of Denver lately.  S.B. 252 is widely hated everywhere that’s not Denver.  Myopic much?

And, then, there was that time that a trial lawyer tried to pass legislation that would benefit trial lawyers (we’re talking to you, Senate President Morgan Carroll).

Of course, who could forget last year when Democrats rammed countless bills through the legislature without any Republican support.  Oh.  Apparently, Sen. Carroll.  And, Speaker Mark Ferrandino.

Pretty sure this was a straight party-line vote. Maybe this was sarcasm?

The Denver Post political editor Chuck Plunkett must agree.

Maybe too much doesn’t equal overreach in Democratic talking points?  We don’t know.  We give up.