Following yesterday’s performance by the Democrats at the opening of the 2014 session, we’ve decided to help them package their agenda, so Colorado really understands what the 2014 legislative session is all about.  We’re calling it the Amnesia Platform.

After seeing quite clearly it’s toxic to run on what the liberal agenda they passed in 2013, Democrats are trying to make 2013 go away as quickly as possible, but, without, you know, changing any of it.

In speeches by both Senate President Morgan Carroll, and Speaker Mark Ferrandino, the heavy-handed pleas for bipartisanship illustrated what Democrats know: their only hope for a successful 2014 campaign season is for Coloradans everywhere to forget 2013 ever happened.

We appreciate the sentiment, and in one part classical conservative thought we agree: bad laws (especially those with the best of intentions) are prevented by having a very spirited debate between both sides.  That being said, Dems passed a whole host of bad laws last session that were not even close to being bipartisan in nature (that is, unless you count the opposition against them).

So in that other part of classical conservative thought, the need for self-responsibility, we will demand you stand by your 2013 record and come November let the good folk of Colorado decide.

We look forward to coming back together in a bipartisan manner in 2015, but until then: Remember 2013!