Governor John Hickenlooper played fast and loose with jobs numbers during his State of the State address today.  In one of the key sound bites of his speech, so critical that he also tweeted it out, Hickenlooper touted that Colorado had gone from being 40th in the country for job growth in 2010, to 4th now.

Hickenlooper must want to forget everything about 2013 (why didn’t he tout any of his big accomplishments from 2013?) because Colorado was 4th in the country for job growth in 2012.  But for 2013 (you know that entire year Democrats spent passing the most liberal, progressive agenda in Colorado legislative history), instead of looking to make Colorado’s economy stronger, the state has now dropped down to 10th.

If instead of taking guns from people, legalizing voter fraud, and going after rural Coloradans, Democrats (who have the House, the Senate, and the Governor’s mansion) just focused on maintaining Colorado’s job growth rate of 2.7% we had in 2012, we would now be ranked 2nd in the nation for job growth.

It gets worse.  When we just look at the private sector, Colorado drops from having the 4th best growth rate in 2012 to 19th in 2013.  Not only are we moving down in the rankings, but we’re having steeper declines in the very engine of any economy.

Just like typical Hickenlooper: believes you should take him at his word, without needing to verify with his actions.  After 2013, Coloradans have learned better.  He won’t fool us twice.  We’ll start fact checking other claims in 5…4…3…2….