What’s in the Magic Box? Scene from SE7EN, as tweeted by @Chickenlooper today.

This won’t surprise you – the same elections officials who last year admitted to disenfranchising a bunch of voters in conjunction with an initiative to ban hydro-fracking are now saying that a box of 75 ballots hidden from public view was really much ado about nothing.  And, we are *COUGH-COUGH* skeptical.

“Broomfield elections administrator Michael Susek said the box was used to collect ballots deemed not countable in the election, but some voter advocacy groups say the box’s contents should have been accounted for during the election instead of being catalogued now.

The box was located in Susek’s office until Friday, when the unsealed metal box was opened and catalogued in front of an audience of residents and news crews.”

The truth about the contents of the magic box remains to be seen.   No one was allowed to see anything except from a distance.

Doesn’t inspire much confidence, does it?

(Marilyn Marks, please email us with the real story.)

The Broomfield Enterprise, which we once thought was a real newspaper, but based on their ham-handed coverage of this recount we can’t know for certain, reported the election officials’ comments about the mystery box as if they were fact.  Nothing to look at here, the Enterprise reports.

Count us among the skeptical.  The blundering boners in the Broomfield elections department  don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt.