Cliff Willmeng, Boulder County Fractivist

When carpet-bagging fractivists came to Colorado they knew the agenda they were advocating would end up costing the towns that listened to them a lot of money.  Well the time has come for those towns to start paying the piper, and fractivists are nowhere around to help.

In the year since they have enacted their ban in 2012 Longmont has spent over $83,000 fighting a lawsuit fractivists knew would come from the ban they were advocating.  Now, in a new story from the Daily Camera, the city of Lafayette has started on the same path.

…Lafayette City Attorney David Williamson said Tuesday it was in the city’s best interest to follow the precedent set by Longmont and Fort Collins and retain special counsel for the upcoming legal battle.

“Longmont gave special counsel to deal with their lawsuit, as did Fort Collins,” Williamson said. “I believe that getting special counsel on in this particular case would be prudent.”

Prudent, but not cheap.

While certain school boards around the state are suffering all sorts of grief from their desire to retain special counsel, nary a word has been put out against the city council of Lafayette, though a host of conflicting interests reign there.

[City Councilwoman Merrily] Mazza was the registered agent for East Boulder County United — the citizen group that drafted Question 300 and got it on the ballot. Since her election to council she has resigned her position with EBCU.

Mazza also is the mother of Cliff Willmeng, the leader of EBCU. Questions arose Tuesday regarding that relationship, particularly considering a recent indication from EBCU that it may petition the courts for intervention in the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s case against the city.

So first you are part of an outside group that advocates for a measure that you know is illegal.  Then, once you are on the city council you vote in favor of retaining special counsel on the city’s behalf to fight for the very law you know they would be sued for.

To put the nail in the coffin the fractivists were all too willing to toss the city of Lafayette in, the money for the special counsel will have to come directly out of the city’s coffers.  Money that could have been spent on roads and other needs of Lafayette citizens, will now go directly into lawyers’ pockets toward a legal battle carpet-bagging Pennsylvanians are just using as a pawn in their larger state-wide amendment scheme.