Much to the dismay of Colorado nationwide fractivists, businesses continue to move into Colorado because of its strong oil and gas industry.  Minnesota-based Cargill announced it would be opening a new processing and distribution center in Windsor over the next three years.  This is in addition to the distribution depot it opened in Ft. Collins back in 2011.

Here’s the quote they gave The Denver Post that will really stick in fractivists’ craws:

“By locating in northern Colorado, which is in the heart of one of the largest oil shale formations in the U.S., Cargill can better serve and bring more value to our customers in this part of the country,” [the Peak emphasis]

Given the fact that Cargill already has a distribution depot in Ft. Collins, we have to wonder if there was thought about building their new steel processing plant there.  It’d be interesting if the new fracking ban that Ft. Collins passed in November gave Cargill pause about expanding their presence there before ultimately deciding that Windsor was better suited for the new jobs they were bringing in.

What do you think PeakNation™, did Ft. Collins just vote itself out of some jobs?