After nearly everyone on the left asking begging recalled former state Senator Angela Giron (D-Nowhere), she has finally kowtowed to the wishes of the powers that be to not drag the Democratic Party through her mess by not running for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State.  According to Eli Stokols at KDVR:

“Had she run — she considered it seriously enough to commission a poll and pressure fellow Latino lawmakers to support a possible campaign — she’d have forced a messy primary against University of Colorado Regent Joe Neguse, a young upstart who entered the race last summer already having secured support from the Democratic establishment in the state.”

We have to admit that we’re a little disappointed as we enjoy a delicious Democratic primary; however, what’s more troubling is that the Democratic Party told a Latina woman to stand down.  Again, we wonder if the Democratic Party is really the perpetrator of the “war on women”.  Rumor has it that the Democratic grassroots are upset by the heavy hand of its establishment.  Will they revolt or will they go quietly into that goodnight?