We may never have set up a pyramid scheme (that could be proven in a court of law), but we imagine one of the key tenets of doing so is making sure you have enough suckers at the bottom to feed the few beasts up top.  Well the current largest pyramid scheme in America (no, not social security), Obamacare, is trying to defy physics and balance a pyramid on its head.

The Associated Press (via: KCNC) is reporting the current enrollment breakdown by age and gender for Obamacare nationally and here in Colorado.  The economics of Obamacare were set up to work based on a 40% enrollment rate of the young and healthy to offset the costs of insuring the old and sick.

Based off of that, we’re screwed.

Thirty two percent of the 50,000 who have signed up for Obamacare in Colorado, so far, are over 55.  Meanwhile only 22% of the enrollees are the desperately needed necessary young and healthy 18 to 34-year olds.

If only they had some ads that really spoke to the youth where they are at; you know, maybe something special for the bros, and another one for the… um, promiscuous.

Can anyone say house of cards here?

The more and more this whole fiasco looks like it’s going to collapse, the sooner we need to ensure Coloradans won’t be bailing it out.  Get Representative Coffman on the phone, we need him passing his No Bailout for Obamacare bill yesterday.