Senator Mark Udall promised if you liked your plan you could keep it.  That was a slap in the face of the now 335,500 Coloradans… and counting… who have lost their health plans. Unfortunately, this new number earned just a footnote in The Denver Post‘s latest article.

Since we were last updated at the beginning of November, another 80,000 Coloradans have received cancellation letters. Note to Udall’s office: if price, coverage, or benefits change substantially enough to receive a cancellation notice, whether options for different plans are included or not, doesn’t really matter.

We’re betting, if Representative Cory Gardner hadn’t mentioned it, no one would have brought up.

How does Udall’s office feel about these new numbers?  Spokesman for Udall Mike Saccone told The Post they’ll “review those numbers.”

Yikes, sounds like the Colorado Division of Insurance should prepare itself to receive some very hostile, but not intimidating, phone calls in its future.

We, here at the Peak, think it’s vital, in light of this new information, that we get regular updates on just how many Coloradans Udall has lied to directly continue to lose their health insurance.