At least Governor John Hickenlooper is consistent.  In his waffling, that is.  As Hickenlooper travels around the state on his I-Beg-You-To-Forget-2013-Ever-Happened tour, his I Heart Rural Colorado tour, his Look I’m Talking Like a Moderate so Ignore My Liberal Record tour, well frankly, we’re not quite sure what his calling this journey of his, perhaps TBD?  But, as he does it, he continues to show his lack of leadership.

From the Durango Herald today, Hickenlooper states how much he hates that Colorado is the test experiment for marijuana.  Yet, in the very next breath decries the how horrible a failure the war on drugs has been.  Can this guy ever take a stand on anything?

After paving the way for marijuana to be sold legally for the first time in the world, he tells the Herald, “We are going to regulate the living daylights out of it.”

Strange thing. With Hickenlooper rarely making it outside of Denver, you think he’d be sure to tell all the Coloradans he barely sees just how many great things he signed into law for them in 2013.  But nary a peep on how he helped them with their guns, electricity, or voting ability.  Must be because Hickenlooper is such a humble bloke.  Did you hear he once owned a brewpub?  Because that’s what’s important to us Coloradans.