Ooops! We went too far.

What do you do when you were elected as a moderate, but after a year of jamming through one of the country’s most liberal, progressive agendas, you now have to face the voters?  If you’re Governor John W. Hickenlooper, you go running to the unabashedly liberal New York Times to have them plead your case.  Yet, even the fount of American liberal thought can’t work a great enough miracle to resurrect Hickenlooper’s so-called centrist stance.

Sorry Hick. Too little, too late.

The article notes how one-party ruled states have overreached and now are quickly trying to moderate in time for November’s elections, and, naturally, the Times felt it was only appropriate to lead with Hickenlooper on this topic.

“One year ago, Gov. John W. Hickenlooper, a Colorado Democrat, stood before a state legislature controlled by his party and laid out an aggressive agenda…  When Mr. Hickenlooper stood again before the legislature last week — after a year in which three Democratic state senators who supported his bill were forced from office — there was little mention of gun control, or for that matter, any potentially divisive social or fiscal issue.” [The Peak emphasis]

The leftist blogosphere is trying hard to make everyone believe the overreach by Hickenlooper and Dems last year wasn’t really overreach at all. But, somebody forgot to send the talking points to the New York Times. Max Potter, was that you?

“Mr. Hickenlooper, who is facing a potentially difficult re-election this November, is not alone in recalibrating in the face of suggestions that he and other elected officials might have overreached.

…(T)he muted agenda in Colorado and elsewhere suggests that in some cases, the party in control pushed beyond the will of the general electorate.

…Dick Wadhams, a former Colorado Republican chairman, said he considered Mr. Hickenlooper extremely vulnerable because of Democratic overreach: In addition to guns, Mr. Hickenlooper strongly supported a $950 million tax to increase funding on education that was rejected by voters on the ballot last year.

They just went down a Democratic liberal wish list and just rammed it through,’ he said.” [The Peak emphasis]

Perhaps Hickenlooper can have his good ol’ buddy liberal U.S. Senator Mark Udall give the Times a call and get this sorted out because this is definitely not the narrative Hickenlooper wants out there as he hugs cows on his tour of rural Colorado to demonstrate how un-Denver-centric he is.  War on rural Colorado?  There’s no war on rural Colorado!

Hey, did you also hear he once owned a brewpub?!