Today, “I Am Created Equal” Action Fund released a new ad to “expose Mark Udall’s Lies”, according to a press release.  See the ad below. Check out for more information.

From the ad:

“Senator Mark Udall cast the 60th and decisive vote for ObamaCare. Think about that. If Senator Udall had just said no, there wouldn’t be ObamaCare. And 250,000 Coloradans wouldn’t have had their health insurance plans cancelled. Remember when Udall said we could keep our doctors? Remember when he said we could keep our insurance? Make no mistake. Mark Udall looked us in the eye, and he lied. I started to expose Mark Udall’s lies. We need to hold the Senator accountable for the con job –yes, I said con job – that he and the President pulled when they passed this horrible law. It’s not Mark Udall’s job to cancel our health insurance plans. And it’s certainly not Mark Udall’s job to look us in the eye and lie. I’m Laura Carno. I’m a Colorado Springs resident trying to do my part. I need your help to keep this message running. Please click on to get the facts, and donate today. Paid for by IACE Action. Online at”